Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning


Since air ducts and central air systems became the standard in residential and commercial buildings, people needed someone to clean them. The inside of your airways collect dust and buildup, promoting microbial growth and allergens. Air duct cleaning is the only way to revers the damage caused by years of buildup and decay, by removing dust, pollen, mites and other harmful allergens.

Professional Duct Cleaning

How Do We Clean Air Ducts

Air Duct Cleaning - Before & After

The National Air Duct Cleaning Association recommends using brushes and tools to clean every duct in the air system.

To reach the inside of the air conduits, Duct Pros technicians utilize advance HEPA filtration machines, combined with specialized tools to loosen dirt and dust from the inner walls of the ducts. Using the right tools would make Air duct cleaning efficient and effective. After loosening the buildup in the ducts, a HEPA vacuum is used to remove it. HEPA type vacuums are designed to keep microscopic particles inside, preventing re-contamination of the indoor air.




Air Duct Types

There are three main kinds of air ducts, flexible ducts, fiberglass insulation ducts and metal ducts. Each type of air duct has a different purpose for different construction need. Duct Pros technicians are equipped with diverse brush types, to match different duct material. Our equipment is designed not to harm the duct integrity in the cleaning process, while achieving optimal results.

Flexible Duct

Fiberglass Duct        Metal Duct

 Why Clean Your Air Ducts?

It’s becoming a well known fact that indoor air quality is a determining factor in our overall health. Contaminates like mold and bacteria can wreck havoc on one’s immune system, if contentiously exposed to them. Air duct cleaning is the best way of removing those contaminates from the source, or removing the food source for such organisms and cutting off the food chain allowing them to strive. Over time, a layer of dust will build in the air ducts, combined with moisture from the cooling system, its the perfect breading ground for bacteria, mold and mildew. Now imagine all those particles carried by the air system every time you turn on the heating or air conditioning, blowing on you from every vent in your home.

Reasons to clean your air ducts:

Before Air Duct Cleaning

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Reduce Allergies 
  • Improve Air Circulation                                                                                    
  • Remove Bad Odors
  • Reduce Dust on Furniture & Floors
  • Reduce Utility Bills