Air Duct Replacement

Air Duct Replacement

At Duct Pros, we specialize in all air duct related services, from cleaning to repairing or replacing the ductwork altogether. Duct replacement is recommended only in cases that the ductwork becomes to damaged to repair. We offer free inspection by one of our trained technicians and assess the integrity of the air ducts.

When Do You Need To Replace The Air Ducts?

Its best to consider duct replacement if you have:

  • Old ductwork Built Over 30 Years Ago
  • Damaged Ducts From Corrosion or Animal Infestation
  • Excessive Mold Damage
  • Duct Insulation From Asbestos
  • Fire or Smoke Damage
  • Poor Circulation Due to Defective Duct System Design
  • Allergies From Pets Owned by Previous Tenants
  • Cost of Cleaning Or Repairing Is Very High
  • Foul Odors Not Going Away

Duct Pros are equipped to handle any scale job, commercial or residential, no job is to small or too big. Call a professional today at  (855) 779-9799.

Replaceable Duct Types

The most common duct types out there, in residential homes, are:

  • flexible ducts
  • Metal Ducts
  • Fiberglass Ducts

Every duct type has a purpose and built for specific building code in different states in the US. Duct Pros professionals specialize in all types of duct replacement.

Flexible Ducts

Duct Replacement

Flexible ducts used for supply air lines to extend the air from the main duct or the main unit to different areas in the house. A solid metal wire acts as the core that holds the plastic duct. Galvanized metal is preferred to resist corrosion and maintain the duct flexibility. Flexible ducts are usually covered with insulation to keep hot or cold air at the desired temperature.



Metal Ducts

Metal Duct

Metal ducts are made from galvanized steel, to prevent corrosion and are very durable. Metal duct work is mostly used for supply heating and air systems or main ductwork in the east coast of the US. Replacing metal ducts requires much expertise and should be done only by a professional like the ones in Duct Pros.



Fiberglass Ducts

Fiberglass Duct

Fiberglass ducts are made from a compacted version of the duct insulation, forming a solid, highly insulating material that is used to build heating and air ductwork. Fiberglass ducts are used for main ducts construction, from which all supply ducts are branching out of. Its very hard to clean fiberglass ducts as various brushes could harm the integrity of the ducts and contaminate the indoors with microscopic fiberglass fibers.