Odor Removal

Air Duct Odor Removal

Like dust and allergens, odors will buildup in the air duct system and will linger for years to come. Odor molecules filling the atmosphere indoors are carried with the air into the duct system, and will cling to the dust covering the inside walls of the ducts. Odor removal is the only way to remove odors without replacing the duct work.

Odors will stick to anything really, if its walls, carpets, upholstery, blinds and more. You can preform odor removal yourself by simply cleaning or sanitizing the affected surfaces or washing any fabric with different methods, but people often forget that the same odors are staying in the ducts and are much harder to remove. At Duct Pros, we specialize in air duct odor removal. Our environmentally safe cleaning process will eliminate lingering odors and will restore your duct system.

Reasons to Have Odor Removal   Ventilation dust

  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Excessive Cooking
  • Dead Animals
  • Mold or Mildew
  • Rodent Infestations
  • Fire or Smoke
  • Neglect or Decay
  • Old Home Smell

All of the above are the most common reasons to have an odor removal process to the home and air duct system.

Air Duct Odor Removal Process

An odor removal process always starts with a deep air duct cleaning to all parts of the system, including the main unit, coil & blower. Most of the fowl odors in a home come from odor causing bacteria, that’s why the Duct Pros process includes a broad spectrum disinfection to eliminate any mold, odor causing bacteria or any other microorganisms. To finish the odor removal process we use the best natural, non toxic odor removing technology and odor eliminating product in order to restore the duct system. A Ultra Violet odor eliminating system is used to break down the odor molecules into harmless organic compounds, leaving the air odorless.